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GGC Delivers

What do we deliver?

Georgina Garden Centre carries a wide range of soils, mulches & aggregates in both bagged & bulk (bag your own or pick up in bulk).
Stop in and we can load your truck or trailer with any of our bulk products (call first to make sure someone is here) or call in, order & pay over the phone and we’ll deliver it right your your house or job site (extra delivery costs may apply).

Georgina Garden Centre delivers any of our stocked trees, shrubs, perennials & annuals.

When do we deliver?

Georgina Garden Centre delivers 7 days a week.  Our deliveries are usually delivered within a day or two of ordering depending on location of delivery, on weekends we can usually deliver same day (if planting is involved click here).  You can also request a later date if you’re planning ahead.  Exact delivery times cannot be promised. We will do our best though to get it there when you need it!!

How much is delivery?

Please see delivery prices below for NON BULK product.  Please add 13% HST.  All prices are subject to change.

Town 1 Man 2 Man
Duclos Point
Jacksons Point
Port Bolster
Roches Point
Willow Beach

*Plus boat fee to island (Lake Simcoe Islands)
**All other areas, see management
***Delivery to driveway only

Georgina Garden Centre asks that the delivery is paid in full before the delivery has left the yard; we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit & cash.  The delivery price includes your purchased plant material delivered to a specific address and is dropped off beside the truck.  Delivery charges are based on a per load basis.  If your load exceeds the safe capacity of our delivery vehicle, we will need to charge for each additional trip.

Extra charges will apply for the following services:


– skidded product

– large landscape rock

– number of staff to move/deliver product safely and efficiently

– any product moved across a property (as long as it falls within our Health & Safety Guidelines)

We cannot add any extra product to bulk deliveries (i.e. sod rolls, bagged product, plant material etc) due to Heath & Safety reasons.

Bulk Product: How much do you need?

We sell our bulk product by the cubic yard. Visit our bulk product page for a complete list, pictures and information on each of our bulk products.

How much is in a yard?

3′ x 3′ x 3′ or for you imperial thinkers .9m x .9m x .9m – try to picture a cube (this is not a compressed yard).

How do you know how many yards you need?

Length (in feet) times Width (in feet) times Depth (in inches) divide by 12 divide by 27 equals the number of cubic yards

L’ x W’ x D” / 12 / 27 = # of cubic yards

eg. 20′ x 10′ x 2″ / 12 / 27 = 1.2 yards – you could order 1 or 2 yards – we unfortunately don’t deliver part yards.

In case you can’t find your calculator…you can use our bulk calculator

We cannot add any extra product to bulk deliveries (i.e. sod rolls, bagged product, plant material etc) due to Heath & Safety reasons.